Thursday, February 09, 2006

CIA Secret Flights in Canada

It is being reported that the CIA has been using Canada for a base for its secret rendering flights.

What is interesting in this news report is this:

Records indicate aircraft allegedly controlled by the CIA continue to use Canadian airports amid unanswered questions about their activities.

Last fall, the Bloc Quebecois pressed the federal government to reveal details of the flights, concerned U.S. intelligence may be ferrying terrorist suspects through Canada to countries where they could be tortured.

The Public Safety Department said last month a federal review of landings by alleged CIA planes at Canadian airports found no evidence of "illegal activities."

Nope its perfectly legal for them to fly here as private aircraft on business. Clever folks in the PSD eh, not denying the CIA is using Canada, just that they aren't doing anything illegal, oh like running drugs for guns for hostages......

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