Saturday, November 26, 2005

Catch 22

Ah ha! The old Catch 22, the CIA didn't inform the Canadian Government about its covert operation, so the Government has no evidence that there was a covert operation. Nor is the government going to ask for informantion about a covert operation cause like they know they will only get plausible deniablity.
Ottawa says it needs proof of CIA-plane allegations
If there is evidence CIA-controlled planes are involved in illegal activities in Canada, the matter will be raised with the United States, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew said yesterday.The minister, under continuing pressure from the Bloc Québécois, told the Commons that Canada expects other countries to respect Canadian law. "If we were to learn that Canadian soil was being used against Canadian or international laws, then we would raise this with the United States," he said during Question Period.
Thus leaving it all up to the Europeans to expose the CIA. EU Wants Details On CIA Prisons On the other hand Pettigrew and the Anne Mcllean our Security Minister could read the paper and find out all about it and ask questions. But perhaps they don't want to know since they have availed themselves of this same CIA covert program against Canadian citizens like Mahar Arar.

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