Thursday, February 09, 2006

Criminal Capitalism

Those who say that Enron was an exception, like oh say Tyco and WorldCom and QWest and Hollinger under Conrad Black well here are a couple of more exceptions proving the rule, that capitalism is a criminal enterprize.

Nortel settlement adds to the disgrace heaped upon execs

'Payola' probe turns towards radio conglomerates

The only reason business doesn't get caught or convicted more often is because of the golden rule, dem dat has da gold makes da rules. And then they have their pals enforce the rules.
New questions raised over Mulroney's ties with German businessman

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney received $300,000 from a secret Swiss bank account after he left office because he was strapped for cash, German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber has told The Fifth Estate

And while there are those who break the 'rules' that is the function of capitalism, which is why capitalist complain about all dem der rules and regulations, cause even when they are doing business as usual they still can't help themsleves.

DoJ to investigate Mittal bid for Arcelor
MSNBC - 10 hours ago
The US Justice Department has begun an antitrust investigation of Mittal Steel's $23bn hostile bid for Arcelor, creating a potential regulatory hurdle for a proposed ...
Culture Clash Cited in Mittal's Arcelor Bid ABC News
Global behemoth Globe and Mail

We can add these stories I reported on;


Japan's Dot.Com Scandal

Wal-Mart A Toxic Success

War and the Market State

Criminal Capitalism

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