Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bombardier Mobilizes Workers Power

Canada's ne plus ultra neo-liberal state capitalist corporatio; Bombardier is mobilizing its workers to demand it be given contracts to build subways cars for the TTC and for the Montreal subway system.

Bombardier employees told commuters on the Montreal metro system Monday that they want the government to choose them for a lucrative home-grown project.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest
isn't ruling out the possibility that his government will award a major transport contract to Bombardier Inc. without a public tender.

Charest said Monday he is “receptive” to public demands that the Liberal government award the $1.2-billion contact to replace Montreal subway cars directly to Bombardier Transportation.

More than 3,000 residents of La Pocatiere, where the cars would be built, attended a rally on the weekend to pressure the province to do so.

Bombardier could not exist without government subsidies. It's competition is French state capitalist Alstom's and German State Capitalist Siemens. Alston actually has a plant operating in Quebec.

Being a state captialist business makes Bombardier the company of choice for the PRC.
Bombardier wins $51.3M contract for rail link to Beijing Airport

And Seimens move to bid for building subway cars for the TTC could be seen as revenge;Bombardier wins $361 mln light-rail deal in Germany

But it does nothing for its share price, which continues to be boosted by Canadian taxpayers. Why don't we just own Bombardier outright, instead of continuing with the family business farce. That way the workers who are being used as pawns by the Bombardier family, could run the business themselves. And certainly the history of workers control in Quebec shows they can do it more profitably.

Bombardier "sell"

Monday, March 13, 2006 11:46:26 AM ET
Canaccord Adams

NEW YORK, March 13 ( - Analysts at Canaccord Adams reiterate their "sell" rating on Bombardier Inc (BBD.B.TOR).

In a research note published this morning, the analysts mention that there are uncertainties surrounding the orders from US Airways on the company's backlogs and the timing of new orders, if any. These uncertainties, coupled with the lead time required with suppliers and Bombardier's current production rate, suggest that the company may have to cut the production of its larger jets in the near term, the analysts say. Canaccord Adams expresses its concern regarding the impact of the continuing appreciation of the Canadian dollar on the company’s margins in the near future.

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