Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why we need regulations

Here is another example of why people like government, and need government to regulate the market. It's the nature of the state under capitalism. The State is the regulator, since self regulation leads to this;

Death sparks calls for piercing guidelines The death of a St. John's girl from an infection caused by a breast piercing is sparking national calls for tougher industry regulation.

Mike Grant, who runs a tattoo and piercing studio in Victoria, BC, said strict national rules would do more to guarantee the industry is safe.Now, some people who work in the industry say they would like to see Canada-wide guidelines. "We understand that surgical steels release nickel salt into the body, creates infections in piercings, or open wounds, or in surgeries or implants," said Grant. "Only titanium should be used. That's a regulation that I follow, which I don't have to, but I do because I know it's the right thing to do." Grant said he would like the entire country to impose rules similar to the ones already in place in Winnipeg – that city made changes to its tattoo bylaw earlier this year to include all body modifications. Tattoo and piercing studios in Winnipeg need to be licensed and employees need to pass a certification exam.

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