Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wolves and Regulations

Here is another example of self regulation at work, and business as usual for capitalism, which led to the death of a young man attacked by a wolf. Of course the hew and cry goes up about the wolves until it is revealed that the real reason is the working conditions where the man was at. They had an illegal dump which attracted the wolves. Garbage, wolves and death

If wolves killed Ontario university student Kenton Carnegie, lax environmental regulations may have played a role in the tragedy, a CBC investigation indicates. Carnegie was the 22-year-old engineering student who died Nov. 8 while on a work term at Points North Landing, Sask., about 750 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon. The province hasn't released the cause of death, although the RCMP said in November it's likely he was killed by wolves. Documents obtained by the CBC show that Saskatchewan Environment Department officials have been concerned about an illegal garbage dump near the Points North Landing mining supply camp – a dump that wolves have been regularly visiting. The department confirms it has been trying to do something about the dump for years.

My comments on Wolves.

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