Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gag Order Over Tax Increases?

King Stephen the Harpocrite has taken his cone of silence politics to their ultimate conclusion, he is now silencing his Ministers so that everyone is singing from his songbook.

Harper's new gag order
London Free Press - 4 hours ago
Retreating into a bunker mentality, the new prime minister has proclaimed that his office must approve all information, comments and even letters to the editor from government officials and cabinet ministers,

This is good old fashioned Alberta-Style politics, so reminiscent of another King.

King Ralph.

Alberta ministers must quit early to seek Klein's job CBC News

Could this new Stalinism in the PMO be because the Tories intend to introduce TAX INCREASES in their new budget?

So says the Canadian Taxpayers Federation;

Yet to finance their tax cut package (highlighted by the GST reduction), the Conservatives have said they’ll raise the bottom income tax rate back up to 16 per cent from 15 per cent. They’ll also cancel the $500 increase in the BPE. This increase would kick in for 2006 and not affect the income tax cut granted for 2005. Nonetheless, should Mr. Harper go this route, he will correctly be labelled a tax-hiker, and rightfully incur the wrath of taxpayers.

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