Sunday, May 28, 2006

Afghanistan Cover Up?

Calgary Sun Columnist Bill Kaufmann sent me a friendly note taking umberage at being referred to as a 'token liberal' at the Calgary Sun. He insists he is no mere token.
"I'm merely a "token liberal columnist" at the Calgary Sun?
Oh, my - I'm hurt. Heh, heh.
Well, I suppose you could say that, though the paper would likely prefer I not write this stuff at all, that all their writers drink their koolaid. They've certainly never sought a token.
Thanks for the mention on the blog."
And he pointed out that he had written another column recently questioning our role in Afghanistan. Which I thought I would share with you as long as the link lasts. As he says; "It'd be good to get into the real origins and reasons the foreign troops are in Afghanistan in the MSM though, wouldn't it? "

Ugly truth
Corruption clouds coalition achievements in Afghanistan

Late last month, the Christian Science Monitor reported corruption among an Afghan government Canadians are dying for is so rife, some members collude with the Taliban.

Paraphrasing Afghan government officials the paper states "many villagers have little incentive to co-operate when they see government representatives siding with the enemy."

When they're not directly aiding the ousted extremists, the corruption is playing into the rebels' hands by reminding Afghans why the Taliban came to power in the first place.

Why, that sounds even more treasonous than journalists reporting unpatriotic inconveniences. Numerous chiefs of police and governors use their offices and even foreign military muscle to settle old scores and to blackmail, while drug trafficking is often part of the equation, states the CSM article.
See: Afghanistan

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