Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Job Creation Myth

Precarious labour describes those whose work is part time, home work or based on outsourcing. Often described as "self employed", it produces an illusion of the private consultant, home based worker, self employed trades-man, etc.

The reality is much different. With the move by the Neo-Liberal State in Canada to Reinvent Government, large numbers of public sector jobs were contracted out. In some cases this meant those whose expertise was vital to a partiuclar department were allowed to contract back to the Government, or under legislation now sell their services in place of a government department.

In most cases though it meant contracting out and outsourcing, creating a vast army of temporary or replaceable contract workers, who have no beneftis and suffer under low pay regimes. It saved the government millions in benefits and wages. It save corporations and small employers the same. They are not obliged to pay benefits to contract workers, nor do these workers have the right to unionize.

As self employed consultant, and Career Activist Mark Swartz points out;

"The illusion of growth is most evident in the private sector, which
misleadingly counts self-employment as full-time, private sector jobs," says
Swartz. This grossly distorts the employment picture. Of this year's 80.7M new
private sector positions, fully 51.2M, nearly 2/3rds, are self-employment, not
real jobs. He notes "Historically self-employment has hovered around 15% of
total employment. Recent statistics suggest a growing deficit in genuine jobs
masked by inflated rates of self-employment."

Which means that with the increase in precarious employment, those jobs are here today and gone tommorow. And of course give us another reason to quote; "lies, damned lies and statistics"

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