Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Revolt of the Fifth Estate

His Majesty King Stephen the First has ticked off the fifth estate. Journalists boycott Harper news conference as media battle heats up Now if only the other four Estates would follow suit, we good bring back public executions of the autarch. After all the King is in favour of Law and Order, something the French Revolution executed quite well. And why pray tell is the Fifth Estate ticked off, well because King Stephen is using King George the Second's play book, again.

The Prime Minister's Office insists on choosing who gets to ask questions based on a list it compiles.

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Ardvark said...

The fifth estate was a CBC program, the forth estate is the free press.

eugene plawiuk said...

You are right, but the real fifth estate is citizens media..da blogs. And wer do't get invites to press conferences...yet