Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quebec Hydro Created Kyoto

Charest to go it alone on Kyoto climate accord is the headline in the Globe and Mail.

Nothing surprizing with this, since it was the Chairman of Quebec Hydro, political scion of the Power Corporation, Maurice Strong who chaired the Rio round of talks on the environment, when petit Jean Charest was Environment Minister in the Mulroney government. Kyoto was Canada's creation. Before Jean Chretien ( another Quebecois aligned to Power Corp) signed it, Kyoto was the creation of Strong and Hydro Quebec.

It is the reason Mulroney was given the Greenist PM award by the environmental movement. Kyoto was his legacy. Ironic it was a Conservative government that created Kyoto and now it is a Conservative government that wants to destroy it.

The difference between the Conservative Party of the Past and today is that the Mulroney government was dominated by Quebec and its capitalist ruling class, todays Conservative party is dominated by the interests of Calgary and its petro-industry ruling class.

See: Harper Has Already Abandoned Kyoto

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