Monday, May 22, 2006

Just The Facts Ma'am

This is a follow up on my previous article;UN Report Says We Need A Living Wage

Just the facts ma'am.

The facts show that for the majority of women in Canada Day Care is NOT a matter of Choice it's a matter of NEED.

And this is true for single mothers who have no choice in whether to work or not. The myth of the two income family which allows for so called 'choices' of staying home, is a return to the era of Leave It To Beaver, and even then women worked outside the home.

Those who claim to speak for choice in staying home can only afford too because they live on two family incomes, both are professionals earning above average wages who can afford to have one parent stay home by defering their salary.

The attack on Day Care in Canada by the Harpocrite government is based on their base in Alberta's patriarchical religious right, who wanna keep the little woman at home barefoot and pregnant. And if she dares to not be married well she is after all a fallen woman and should get no support from society. She should be shunned.

Such is the real message in the Harpocrites Non Day Care policy.

Single mothers

550,000 – The estimated number of single-parent families headed by women in Canada in 2004.

$27,700 — The after tax income of lone-parent families headed by women in 2004.

Source: The Daily, Thursday, March 30, 2006, “Income of Canadians”.

38% — The proportion of families headed by lone-parent mothers that had incomes which fell below the after-tax low income cut-off (LICO) in 2003. In comparison, this was the case for 13% of male lone-parent families and just 7% of non-elderly two-parent families with children. The incidence of low income among lone-parent families headed by women has declined somewhat since the early 1980s, when the figure hovered around 50%.

68% — The percentage of female lone parents who were employed in 2004.

Source: The Daily, Tuesday, March 7, 2006, “Women in Canada”.

Working Mothers

65% — The percentage of all women with children under the age of three who were employed in 2004.

70% — The percentage of women whose youngest child was aged three to five who worked for pay in 2004.

Source: The Daily, Tuesday, March 7, 2006, “Women in Canada”.

54% — The proportion of children in Canada aged six months to five years who were in some form of child care in 2002-2003, up from 42% in 1994-1995. (From the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth.)

Source: The Daily, Wednesday, April 5, 2006, “Child care: An eight-year profile”.

Boy babies less likely for single mothers

Women living with a male partner are more likely to give birth to boys than women who live alone, suggests a study of 86,000 US births. The finding hints that higher numbers of single mothers could explain a recent drop in the birth rate of boys in some developed countries.

Evolutionary theory suggests female animals can boost the chances of propagating their genes if they can control the gender of their offspring, depending on environmental conditions and the fitness of their mate.

Males are generally considered more costly to feed and raise than females. But, if fit, they can produce many offspring with many different females. But whereas an unfit female is still very likely to reproduce, an unfit male may never mate.

In humans, about 51% of babies are boys. But previous research has shown that women tend to have girls when food is scarce and boys when they are optimistic about their own futures. The effect of a committed partner on a child's sex has been unclear, however, with various theories making contradicting predictions.

Gender Inequality in Poverty in Affluent Nations: The Role of Single Motherhood and the State.

Poverty, as measured in this study, refers to whether the household one lives in has a total cash income below half of the median income of households in the individual's nation. Nations with high poverty for women also tend to have high poverty for men. The U.S. and Canada lead the way with the highest poverty rates for both men and women. The lowest poverty rates for both occur in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Single Mother Crisis in Canada

posted by: Ladan Affi (Friday, February 10, 2006)

The Somali Crisis in Canada:
The Single Mother Phenomenon

"The growing Somali community is considered to be one of the most disadvantaged among the visible and ethnic minorities In many cases, women fled Somalia with false passports and could only bring the number of children stated on these passports. The financial issue of the cost to bring the children to Canada was also used as a factor to decide which children to bring. The decision of who would depart and who would stay is a most difficult one since there are mother who leave young children behind in the hopes of sponsoring them, once they become permanent residents. This process however, on average, takes over one year and sometimes longer.

Third, the rate of divorce among Somali couples is incredibly high. The confilicts which arise are mainly due to the redefinition of traditional cultural roles between women and men and the stress of trying to cope in a foreign country. For example, women raise a family without the help of their husbands, yet it is the men who expect to be treated with respect and exert authority as heads of households as they once had in Somalia. These men are expecting to be obeyed without contributing very much to the well-being of the family.

In Somalia, men did not help their wives with household chores and caring for their children because there are many relatives helping them instead. In Canada, however, this kind of support from relatives does not exist, yet Somali men fail to understand that.

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Anonymous said...

Woman wanted to work, not because of necessity but because they had the "right" too. I think your old enough too remember the constant squwaking of women's right's by feminists in the 60's and 70's.
Not out of financial need, but to give woman stronger right's and independance. Thirty years later knuckleheads think we should pay them too stay home. You lefties should realy be imprisoned, for having a brain and being truly dangerous.

eugene plawiuk said...

Women have always worked you dweeb. Since ancient times. With the advent of wage slavery, the artisnal family with its home based business was forced to move to the cities to find factory jobs. The Feminist revolution had nothing to do with the exploitation of women as servants or as sweat shop labourers in the needle trades and factories, the dark satanic mills of America at the end of the 19th Centruy and begining of the 20th. And WWII had more to do with creating a female work force in North America than the feminists. Do you actually read any of these posts or just blather in the commnets sections.