Monday, May 22, 2006

Harpers Billion Dollar Blunder

The Liberals blundered over the helicopter purchase by the Mulroney government, which the Chretien Liberals made an election promise to renege on. They did. Costing us billions in the lost contract and then billions more in replacing the helicopters.

Now the Harpocrite government has done the same thing with the canceling the Liberal Governments Environmental programs. One of their five priorities.

Ironic ain't it.

Tech firms see red in Tory pullout

Canada is paying a huge price in lost investment and business development because of Ottawa's dithering over climate change, industry people say. In particular, we're missing opportunities in the burgeoning global trade in pollution credits — a system that played a big role in reducing acid rain and is now widely viewed as the best way to induce businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.The plan devised by the previous Liberal government, they say, was flawed and developing at a frustrating turtle speed. The new Conservative government has caused further delay by killing that plan without anything to put in its place."The do-nothing option is not free," says Len Eddy, president of AgCert Canada, the Edmonton-based Canadian branch of an international company that invests in emissions-cutting projects. "It's an extremely expensive option. "Analysts estimate the lost investment this year totals as much as $1 billion. It's gone forever, Eddy says.

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Anonymous said...

The Chretien Liberal government signed the Kyoto agreement knowing full well that they could never live up to it and spent billions of Canadian tax dollars pandering to "the sky is falling" wagon burners.