Monday, May 22, 2006

Harpers Ideal

Here is the result of law and order platforms embraced by the right, and what we can expect with the Harpocrite Government's new crime laws.

The US Prison Industrial Complex is growing by 1000 people a week thanks to, wait for it....the War on Drugs.

Something the Harpocrite has declared as part of his law and order policy for Canada. So this is what we have to look forward to.

The United States continues to have the highest prison population in the world, withe 1,000 inmates added to the nation's prisons each week from June 2004 to June 2005.

At mid-year 2005, jail facilities were operating at 95% capacity;

The Sentencing Project, an advocacy group, reports that the U.S. incarceration rate in 2004 was the highest in the world, at 724 per 100,000 population. Second was Russia, at 532 per 100,000.

'The data is clear: Drug use is driving up prison numbers throughout the region,' the state's corrections secretary Tim Reisch said in the news release. 'In South Dakota, we are directing our resources to address the issue head on.'

One American in 136 is in prison.

Imagine that more prisoners in the 'land of the Free' than in Russia. And both countries share something else in common, the disreputible use of Capital Punishment.

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blanks57 said...

Capital punishment isn't disreputible if it is used properly for it's intended purpose, and not as a political toy for leftists to deride and for righties to pander with. Hitler used it, Stalin used it, more than Hitler, The Catholic Church used it and still would if it could, so where does the left get off?

blanks57 said...

I think I just called the Catholic Church left, possibly an unintended forsight on my part.

John M Reynolds said...

You said "The US Prison Industrial Complex is growing by 1000 people a week" citing a North Korean website. That is not quite what they said. They said that 1000 are being added to the system. Since neither of you indicate the amount leaving the system each week, you cannot properly state that the additional people is the real growth. As well, how many added in are actually repeat offenders that are being added back in?

eugene plawiuk said...

Yes you noticed the that I used a North Korean site, they quoted their entire article from CNN. Ironic eh. Check them out.Any fault in facts are theirs. Not mine or the North Korean press.

eugene plawiuk said...

Capital Punishment is dispicable, the State has no business murdering its citizens.