Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stephen Trudeau Pierre Harper

Gallery dinner looks like a bust as GG declines
"We already know that Mr. Harper doesn't want to go. Gilles Duceppe hasn't been in years, and CTV has found out that the Governor General won't go to the dinner either," Thompson told CTV Newsnet. Pierre Trudeau was the last prime minister to boycott the dinner.

Oh this is rich. It took a couple of years for Trudeau to dis the media and the media to dis Trudeau. In three short months Harper has managed to Fuddle Duddle the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Ah well I am sure Jack would want to attend.

Experts weigh in on the Conservative media ban

Luc Lavoie, former communications director for Brian Mulroney, dismissed the notion that controlling the media is a Conservative tendency, arguing instead that it has a Liberal precedent.

"If a page was torn from anyone, it was torn from Pierre Elliott Trudeau," he said.

"The years of Pierre Eliot Trudeau Elliott Trudeau were years when Trudeau never spoke to (reporters). There were fights all the time and he couldn't care less about the media."

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