Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free Blue Jays Tickets

Reg over at the Putting The A in Smart hits it on the head about the 'lame' I Am Not Afraid Campaign, its just a cheap ploy to promote the BlueJays. We are not score a skybox Wonder if Kinsellas consulting company has a contract with Jays folks? Nah that would be a conflict of interest.And as we know Liberals never have conflicts of interest.

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1 comment:

Saskboy said...

Don't begrudge Kinsella his tickets if he gets them - he put a lot of work into this. He's been inconvenienced by interviews like with Charles Adler, and other radio too I'm sure.

Next someone will claim I'm trying to get Argos tickets by acting like they will when they play the Riders on July 22 at Taylor Field.