Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Flags At Half Mast

Pretty disgusting the failure of the Harpocrite government to lower the flag to half mast on Parliament Hill, with the death of another Canadian soldier in Afghanistan.

While the Pattison groups Save-On-Foods lowers the flags at their stores across the country in honour of the fallen Canadian soldier.

But of course the Conservatives will not because it would remind us once again of another of their foriegn policy faliures.

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PhillTaj said...

Its a war you dolt. Was the flag raised for every soldier killed in WW1, WW2, and Korea? Of course not.

AGONIZING over every casualty like its the end of the world is pointless. They are soldiers, they sign up to fight and die, and the media isn't doing them any favors.

eugene plawiuk said...

Hey Mickey it is NOT A WAR, war was not declared by the Harpocrites. They were asked directly in the house, is this a war yes or no and refused to anwser. As for the Army and reserves most of these folks signed up for job training not to go overseas and destroy opium and hashish crops for the U.S. government.