Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long Guns Kill

No need for a long gun registry says the Harpocrite Government. Ok then explain that to the families of the Mounties killed in Saskatchewan or those killed in Mayerthorpe. Killed by long-guns. Long Guns used by rural folks, the same folks that Vic Toews always refers to as opposing the Gun Registry. Nice folks, with guns, who go loonie toons.Folks that Vic speaks for.

"The long-gun registry is by far and away the biggest issue in many ridings in Western Canada," Justice Minister Vic Toews.

Opps he is also Minister of Justice so he has to speak for the fallen RCMP officers too. What ya gotta say now Vic? The silence is deafening.

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GaryMc said...

Since the gun registry was in place when the mounties were killed and was in place all last year, can you explain how the registry saved their lives when in fact they are dead?

eugene plawiuk said...

Maybe the guys didn't register their guns, cause like ya don't hafta if ya live in Alberta and Saskatchewan, duh.
That was one of the cost over-runs, the failure of the provinces to participate in enforcing registration....see my article Canada’s Billion Dollar P3 Boondoggle