Sunday, August 13, 2006

Advice for the Empire

If you are going to act like the Roman Empire then act like the Roman Empire says conservative historian...

Laina Farhat-Holzman: Military power and the world's press
It seems to me that the only way that today's superpowers could prevail over even the nastiest of guerrilla death cults would be to be as ruthless as the ancient Romans were when they maintained power and peace for half a millennium. Utter ruthlessness and total censorship over a press armed with little cameras and big ideologies is certainly not possible today. But the day may come that we have to choose between prevailing and world order or surrendering to the forces of chaos, totalitarian ideologies, and a return to truly dark times. At the moment, we don't seem to have the stomach for it.

Yep the minute you do that you become the totalitarian state.

Opps that already is happening.....

The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity

It used to be said that academic rows were vicious because the stakes were so small. That's no longer true in America, where a battle is underway on campuses over what can be said about the Middle East and US foreign policy.

Douglas Giles is a recent casualty. He used to teach a class on world religions at Roosevelt University, Chicago, founded in memory of FDR and his liberal-inclined wife, Eleanor. Last year, Giles was ordered by his head of department, art historian Susan Weininger, not to allow students to ask questions about Palestine and Israel; in fact, nothing was to be mentioned in class, textbooks and examinations that could possibly open Judaism to criticism.

Students, being what they are, did not go along with the ban. A young woman, originally from Pakistan, asked a question about Palestinian rights. Someone complained and Professor Giles was promptly fired.

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Larry Gambone said...

Not to mention harassing musicians like the Dixie Chicks, something that must have people shaking their heads in dismay in a country like France with its long and honored tradition of radical singer-song writers. The US is the only Western country I know that actually has this sort of totalitarian attitude.