Sunday, August 13, 2006

The enemies of my enemy

Israel has made new friends.....from old enemies...though the new friend is less than enthusiastic.... could be because the Zionist States existence in Palastine is a reminder of the poltics of Lebensraum...

Israel's Air War in Lebanon and the German Press

Victimized by its enemies and misunderstood by the world, Israel needed the help of its few remaining friends, notably Germany, to defend itself. It would make him “happy,” Mr. Olmert said, to see Germany protect Israel’s security by sending a German Schutztruppe (peace keepers) to Lebanon which for the Germans would also be a particularly meaningful task. He ridiculed, as just a reflection on their “desperate situation,” Hezbollah’s recent offer of a cease fire for humanitarian reasons: “Hezbollah is no longer a threat for us. We have never begged for compassion or a cease fire but said: To hell with you! We will take the hardest measures against you.”

Already, the beginning of this war appears shrouded in the mists of politicized historical memory: Who provoked whom? Who has or will have the power to determine the provocation? How urgent is the issue of Israel’s security after almost a month of bombing granted by the US in several installments of “one more week or so”? Why has there been so little discussion of the legal aspects of Israel’s preemptive strike? And why Israel’s new emphasis on its “cordial” relationship with Germany? The German reactions to Mr. Olmert’s statements were cautiously neutral across the political spectrum, But Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Shimon Stein, called it a “Novum” and a “historic statement”; never before had an Israeli Prime Minister explicitly welcomed the engagement of German soldiers in the stabilization of the Middle East—a great Vertrauensbeweis (proof of trust). The German government, as reported in the press, did not seem to share Mr. Olmert’s happiness, aware of their over-extension in dangerous places like Afghanistan and the historical complications of German-Jewish relations.

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Scott Tribe said...

Eugene.. just to clarify this subject.. I am aware you are in opposition to what Israel has been doing in Lebanon (or over-doing, as the case may be), as are a lot of persons in various degrees on the left... but you are in favour of Israels right to exist, are you not?

I just find your description of "the Zionist State's existence" in the middle east and then equating it to Hitler's policy of lebensraum a tad troubling.

eugene plawiuk said...

Zionism is racial nationalism it is a reactionary movement. All forms of nationalism that are militant are right wing. Israel is the creation of Imperialism. As is Iraq and the other so called nation states in the Middle East.
If Israel as a state has a right to exist so does Kurdistan, which has more historical signifigance than Israel but which would impacft the geography of the Middle East.
Read my Kautsky article on the reactionary nature of Zionism and why the Zionist state is a failure.
The two state solution is a failure always was always will be.
The Zionists have built the need for a Zionist state based on the guilt of the West over the holocaust. The reality though is that Zionism itself has become the its own worst enemy, it is replicating the arguements used by Germany pre WWII for Anschluss and Lebersaum, it has annexed territory and attacks its neighbours based on these same arguements. Ironic eh.
If it weren't pathetic.

The Working Class movement in Israel has failed to seperate itself from the ruling nationalist racist ideology of Zionistm. As has the Palestinian working class who are super-exploited by the Zionist bosses. It needs to for a real solution to the continuing crisis in the Middle East which is proletarian revolution.

Unfortunately while Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq all have working classes, other power players in the region do not. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, import their labour using guest workers. But these too could be mobilized to overthrow their oppressive bosses.

Proletarian Revolution in the Middle East is what is required not inter-imperialist/inter-capitalist wars.

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