Friday, September 08, 2006

Cherniak the Troll

I couldn't have said it better.

Jason Cherniak, on the other hand, has demonstrated himself in this affair to be precisely what I have described him above to be, little more than a cheap Internet troll whose ego has been so stroked by his elevation to a trivial campaign post by Stéphane Dion that he ostensibly believes that he has demonstrated to us something of greater significance than his willingness to twist and lie. Liberal blogger engages in standard discussion-board troll whine

Cherniak continues his one man band campaign to smear a 'Christian' preacher who is an NDP candidate. Having been exposed as a troll he continues his campaign of personal attacks and vilification;

Mr. Cherniak explained: "Ms DiNovo seems like a nice enough person. However, she has also implied that pedophiles and axe murderers should be ordained as ministers

Gee that seems horrible until you realize that anyone can become a "born again" Christian, regardless of sin. Like George Bush or these guys; Ken Lay and Son of Sam

Of course I would be loathe to say that Cherniak is vilifing DiNovo because of her religion. He would never do that because that would be insulting and show his religious intolerance.

Nor would he stoop to denigrate her because of her sexual orientation. Nope that would be insulting too.

Must be because she is an NDP candidate, since he loathes the party. And of course smearing her then is fair game for this cowardly Liberal dweeb.

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