Friday, September 08, 2006

The Silence Is Deafening

On the Canadian Government Foreign Affairs website they have the following interview; along with a print transcript....

Dr. M. Ishaq Nadiri discusses the progress that has been made in Afghanistan in the last few years, the issue of terrorism, and the challenges that lie ahead. Dr. Nadiri is a Professor of Economics at NYU and an economic advisor to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

I can name many other projects and activities that have occurred. We have also developed a new strategy for Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Compact. It has become a model of development....

So I read on, and on, and found not a single mention of any projects. No mention of how many schools we have built, or hospitals, or roads built or repaired, or how many museums and zoos were restored, or how many new banks or businesses have arisen. Nope nada, nothing not a word. Here is his explanation of Afghanistans development strategy, no kidding......

The Compact is an agreement that was signed by Afghanistan and ratified at the London Conference. It’s a compact of understanding between the world and the Afghan government and consequently the Afghan people. The Afghans will undertake certain activities, and the international community will do certain things.

And not once, never does he expand on what those things are. This has got to be the worst explaination, the most banal, I have read. A piece of fluff from someone who is supposed to be an economics professor. Give your head a shake.

This is the explanation to Canadians about why we should be in Afghanistan....generalizations and political platitudes...and no real facts.

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