Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gun Control

So much for the Harpocrites plan to get rid of the gun registry.
Sometimes events just screw up all the best laid plans and priorties.

Gunman confirmed dead after Montreal rampage
Gunman confirmed dead after Montreal rampage
A gunman who opened fire in a downtown Montreal college Wednesday afternoon is dead "after police intervention," police confirmed at a news conference.
The irony is that the Federal Gun Registry came into being because of the last massacre in Montreal in 1989.

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Labby said...

Wait a minute, how could this happen, we have a gun registry??? Yup 2 billion well spent!!

BBS said...

Unless you are going to ban all weapons, no registry is going to prevent unfortunate incidents such as this.

Labby said...

"Unless you are going to ban all weapons, no registry is going to prevent unfortunate incidents such as this."

So then the registry is useless after all!!

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee BBS we have had a handgun ban since the 1930's and handguns are still used in crimes in Canada. Using yours and Labby's logic why do we even bother to ban guns since bad guys will get them anyways. Well cause gun control as much as I dislike it ideologically as you do, has worked. It has reduced stupid gun deaths unlike south of the border. We have less gun crimes in Canada.
The fact of the matter is with this incident the Conservatives efforts to shut down the gun registry will fail.
Montreal and Toronto will see to it, with Vancouver applauding from the sidelines. Big urban centres will pressure the government to keep the regristry after this incident. Just as they successfully lobbied for its creation after 1989.
Dats a fact.

DazzlinDino said...

OK I'll exactly would a gun registry have stopped this? Does a registry prevent a weapon from firing only in the hands of the person it is registered to? Does a registry somehow deflect bullets from hitting innocent people? Perhaps it detects imbalances in a persons brain an disables the weapon?

It's a FACT that a registry will not stop lunatics from comitting these acts Eugene, admit it, nothing will. As long as there are people, some of them will be nuts.

Also, it's a lame case for the registry anyway, we haven't heard what kind of weapon it was. If it was an auto, they are already completely banned, and by the sounds of some eyewitnesses, it was at the very least a semi-auto.

If the opposition tries to use this as an excuse for the gun regitry, it would be the biggest failure they've tried yet....

eugene plawiuk said...

Dazzlin you miss my point it is not whether the registry works or not its the public perception that it makes us safer. A perception held by the majority of Canadians who live in urban centres and have never seen a gun, rifle, and wouldn't know a rifle buttfrom a plumbers butt.
Argue with me all you like I agree that the gun registry is a boondoogle. That the Justice Department wanted to track all gun owners in Canada. etc. etc.
But the reality is that this incident is the death of Harpers plan to kill the registry.

BBS said...

Handgun ban? Certain types of weapons may be banned, but there certainly has not been a handgun ban in Canada since 1930.

Chimera said...

"We have less gun crimes in Canada."

That's because we have less people in Canada, not because we have a useless gun registry.

According to reports I've seen, this guy had three (count 'em -- 3) registered weapons.

My, but aren't we being effective?

"... whether the registry works or not its the public perception that it makes us safer."

Oh, you're gonna have to explain that one...

eugene plawiuk said...

To foks who live in big cities who have no contact with wilderness and hunting, do not see guns as being necassary. Those of us in Western Canada that recognize that a mere two hour trip out of the city puts you in Wilderness understand the need to have guns. That's what I meant by public perception.

And if youse guys would read what I said I did not defend the gun registry I said that I expected these knee jerk reactions from you and Harper.

Just like expect the knee jerk reactions from big city liberals to defend the gun registry in the mistaken belief it reduces gun crimes.