Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love and the Whole World Loves With You

My goodness stick an eligible bachelor and bachelorette together and everyone speculates about their relationship.

Media atwitter over Condi and Peter
Rice keeps her cool as papers play matchmaker
Gossips match Rice with Canadian MP
When Condi flies north, diplomatic gossips feel the earth move
Rice warms to 'cool, Atlantic breezes'
`This has been a lovely trip, Peter'

And thats just the MSM lets not forget all us bloggers...

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Of course I am guilty too.

And lo and behold if this humble blog is not cited in the NYTimes article, since I post to Now Public and it was my post that is quoted below

If you believe the blogs, Mr. MacKay has been sweet on Ms. Rice since their first meeting in Washington last year. “Peter McKay has a crush... ” said a headline on the Web site NowPublic, atop a giant photo of Ms. Rice, “...on Condoleezza Rice.” The subhead continued: “Well, they are both single after all.’’
Dance of Diplomacy Is Grist for the Gossip Mill

Now of course if Condi had visited with this guy or this guy none of this would be happening.

And remember the rest of the song....laugh and the world laughs with you.

And we are all enjoying the laugh.

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