Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Right Whing Whines About Gun Registry

I already got the usual right whing whiner comments on my Gun Control article about the Montreal shootings. Of course the gun registry didn't prevent this calamity but it goes a long way to reducing it. The Blogging Tories of course will not accept this fact and the usual whining has begun at their website. Watch for a it to cavalcade with the usual rants against Michael Moore, Layton, Gun control, gun registry, white bread...

So much for gun control!

Mr. Layton, please don't make this guy into some kind of victim...

Shootings In Montreal

Of course the reality is that the urban centres like Montreal and Toronto carry votes and voice on this issue and will respond with calls for keeping the gun registry, while the pro-gun lobby is rural Ontario and Western Canada.

As I said before this incident will bite the Harpocrite government in the ass.

And I see fellow blogger Scott Tribe agrees.

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DazzlinDino said...

Of course the gun registry didn't prevent this calamity but it goes a long way to reducing it.

Sure OK, so if there is a gun registry, how exactly does this keep guns out of the hands of lunatics? You can't seriously think that registering all weapons will reduce the murder rate with guns do you?

OK, how about this then, more assault and murder combined charges are committed with knives, not guns.....look it up. So how about a knife registry. After all, we ALL have knives in our house, making us capable of killing someone. Follow that one up with the "sharp pointy stick" registry.

It's not a factor of registering guns, it's a factor of registering people. The guy was nuts, and no registry would have kept him from killing. Same goes for other murderers.

There is a link in my sidebar Eugene that has ACTUAL FACTS from countries that have tried to dontrol firearms and what it has done to crime rates such as home invasion, they go up......period.

jeff davidson said...

seatbelts have saved more lives than we could count. people still die in car accidents though.

eugene plawiuk said...

Crimes go up because of population increases. Wait maybe we should try population control then....