Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If The Shoe Fits

Jim Dinning has fired back at rivals who claim he's backed by Ralph Klein's "Calgary mafia" who will continue the status quo of government in Alberta. He launched his counter-attack yesterday with a vow to introduce tough new rules to ensure Tory governments are ethical and democratic. "There's a perception that decisions get made behind closed doors by the same people with the same influencers sitting by their sides," he told more than 100 Tory party members at a Royal Glenora Club luncheon. "I've heard it in spades and I've heard it directed at my own campaign."

Because it's true.

Love that eh after 35 years in power now Jim Dinning the man who wants to be Alberta's CEO will make sure that the Tory governments are ethical and democratic. So for 35 years they haven't been?

You bet thats why we have a deficit in Alberta a democratic deficit. And being the Party of Calgary's fair haired boy it ain't going to change under Dinning. Cause who was he talking to? Tories. Where? The expensive, elitist, exclusive Royal Glenora Club.

And speaking of making promises after the horse has left the barn there is Leadership rival Lyle Oberg who when he was Minister of Infrastructure could have done all this over the past three years. More money for schools and recreation centres for Alberta green spaces are on the agenda for leadership contender Lyle Oberg if he becomes premier.

But then again the Tories didn't have a plan.

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