Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stupid Gun Argument

I was waiting for this...As was said on this site here, the firearm registry did not save Anastacia DeSousa. But guns in the hands of the Dawson students could have.

This is the typical shoot em up American argument that is also used by right-whingnuts like David Tomlinson of the National Firearms Assoc. of Canada. Can you imagine how many people would have died in the crossfire? Think before you blog.

As much as the Blogging Tories have gone on and on about how predictable it was that folks would defend the gun registry after the Dawson College shootings, as I predicted here, some of them went off the deep end the other way.

Saying that the registry failed to stop this shooting, which is not what it was intended to do anyways so how it failed is beyond me, to justify eliminating it is a specious arguement. But that is both Harpers argument and those of the BT's.

The gun registry was never about stopping gun crime but reducing it. If someone who has registered guns but never commited a crime, goes on a killing spree like Gill, there is nothing any registry can do about it.

This is also the myth perpetated by the liberal gun control advocates; that the registry will halt gun crimes. Only in as far as it allows police to monitor who has guns and who has a criminal record. If you have no criminal record then the registry is just that a registry. That it will halt gun crimes is a myth, one perpetrated by the liberals and conservatives.

Gill had registered and licensed restricted weapons. Again restricted in Canada means you have to get a license, police approval for purchase and have to purchase it from a registered dealer. Still that does not stop random murders.
Gun control can never stop random acts of violence. And those who say it can pro or con are lying.

So the reality is the gun registry did cost way too much to implement, but its done, it's effective for what it does. Not that I like it. Let me repeat that for my conservative critics; I don't like the registry and consider it an attempt to criminalize gun owners, all gun owners.

But the cops love it, they want it and they use it. It exists for them, to act as agents of the State to maintain control over us. To declare that it is useless by a party that runs on a platform of law and order is simply a case of opportunistic pandering to its old Reform Party Western Canadian base.

A base that is inculcated with Republican values, that would end all gun control period in a mistaken belief that the people have the inherent right to bear arms. Not in Canada we never have. An armed population has always been seen as a threat to Peace, order and good government.


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