Saturday, September 16, 2006

VampireFreek Says Sorry

Following on the revelations that Dawson College killer Vireem Gill was a regular, or irregular, at they have eliminated his blog on the site and have been swamped with comments. Good, bad and nasty. Below is the moderators comment on the situation.
Thanks to everyone's support in light of recent events. There's been a huge reaction on this site, and really i want to express a thank you to everyone who has been supportive. We will be monitoring the site more closely due to recent events. And once again I offer my sincere sympathy to the victims and their families. It really is a tragic event. I've gotten countless emails about the incident, yes a few of them were very negative and close-minded towards goth culture and this site, but the vast majority of feedback i've received has been understanding and supportive of the site. Mature adults, not into the goth scene, who are smart enough to see that this site is not to blame for what happened. Also, thanks to the media, for actually not being that hard on goth culture this time. I know that the goth scene and this website in particular has gotten bad publicity in the past, and while a few reporters have decided to make us look bad again and try to place the blame on us, i see that many members of the media are actually starting to be more accepting and understanding of our scene. Anyway, I feel this has been the topic of conversation on here for too long, so lets just move on and go on with our usual site updates. If you want to further discuss these news, please do so in the entry posted before this one, it already has over 7,000 comments related to the incident....

This same site was also where the Goths from Medicine Hat posted, prior to their killing spree. Which as I stated at the time had nothing to do with Goth Culture. Anymore than Gill's actions were the result of Video Games perse or Gun culture, rather it is the emotional plague that is created in our mass culture of alienated consumption.

When a random acts of violence occurs in a violent society, a society at war with terror, whose politicians engage in the politics of fear, well folks like to look to blame someone, something, anything. Instead of looking around themselves and seeing it is the inherent irrational logic of the culture they inhabit.

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