Friday, October 20, 2006

Beta IE7

Microsoft which dominates the world wide galaxy we inhabit does it again, produces another product for you to beta test for them. Oh that Master Mind Bill Gates is so clever, free cyber-labour, no wonder he is a billionaire. Which is why I use Firefox, and so should you.

Internet Explorer 7 is supposed to be one of the big ones for Microsoft, a catchup browser five years in the making. Aside from the catchup features, it was the tighter security that was always going to be the clincher for many users, particularly in the business world. However, the perception of a more secure browsing experience with IE7 is already under strain with the discovery of a flaw just hours after release.

Of course some think this is a Mac conspiracy against Microsoft and the PC....
Microsoft: IE7 vulnerability reports are inaccurate

Microsoft is also trying to bypass existing security and anti-virus software with itsin its new Windows update, which true to form will be another beta failure.

Analysis: Is Windows Vista the Death of Antivirus Producers?


More Hack Attacks on Windows

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