Friday, October 20, 2006

RCMP Terror

State terrorism by the State Police; RCMP, was justified under the Canadian Security Act and under the Official Secrets Act. Both of which have now been challenged as unconsitutional.

Secrecy law quashed, RCMP admonished
An Ontario judge struck down a federal official secrets law yesterday, saying that the RCMP tried to use it to intimidate an Ottawa journalist into revealing who had leaked her material in the Maher Arar affair.

All these violations occured under the Liberals but the opposition Conservatives under Harper, Kenney, Day etc. demanded even more draconian actions at the time.

Now they are the government they have white washed the criticisms of the RCMP and CSIS and have done nothing about the reccomendations of the O'Conner report on the Arar case. Now this. Will they appeal, probably they are the government now.

No wonder they hate the courts, judges and our civil rights. They are after all the self described party of Law and Order, which means they are anti-libertarian statists.




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