Friday, October 20, 2006

It's The Environment Stupid

The opposition will vote down the Tories Hot Air Plan; Opposition parties vow to defeat legislation that sets ‘intensity targets' for emissions

Will Harper make it confidence vote and force an election over the environment? An issue they did not run on last election, which was not one of their priorities and was not in their policy papers except to say they would trash Kyoto. Which of course they can't because the government of Canada signed it not the Liberal Party, and it was passed by Parliament.

Yep its time to put up or shut up. Harper has threatened confidence votes before. A year after forcing the Liberal Minority government into an election will the Tories be forced into an election over the enivronment? Inquirying minds want to know.




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Procrastinatrix said...

What galls me is that the business community is praising this for setting long-term targets instead of short term "unreachable" targets. Kyoto was ratified HOW many years ago? Industry had to know this was looming and has had almost 10 years to deal with it.

eugene plawiuk said...

Corporate capitalism is well aware of what has to be done and avoids it claiming its a cost item. We could have had enforcement years ago on scrubber technology on smokestacks but no government in Ottawa or the provinces has had the guts to implement it.
New technology will be funded by taxpayers apparently under the Tories new hot air act. That is they are talking about an innovation fund...such a fund should be paid for by fines on polluters and those who do not reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
They had nine months to produce a made in Canada green plan and what we got was not....