Friday, October 20, 2006

The Scientific Basis of Socialism

Here is another scientific observation that human culture evolves towards libertarian socialism as an organic devolpment of human societies creative and techonolgical abilities as first observed by Peter Kropotkin in his work Mutual Aid.

And the contradiciton of capitalism, as outlined by Dr. Marx , is that it creates technological advances that it cannot use, since they would depreciate surplus value/profit, while they can liberate humanity from the toil of work. And thus open up the possibility of a self-managed society without bosses or the State.

The Evolution of Future Wealth
Technologies evolve much as species do, and that underappreciated fact is the key to growth
By Stuart A. Kauffman

As economics attempts to model increasingly complicated phenomena, however, it would do well to shift its attention from physics to biology, because the biosphere and the living things in it represent the most complex systems known in nature. In particular, a deeper understanding of how species adapt and evolve may bring profound--even revolutionary--insights into business adaptability and the engines of economic growth.

The path to maximum prosperity will depend on finding ways to build economic systems in which new niches will generate spontaneously and abundantly. Such an approach to economics is indeed radical. It is based on the emergent behavior of systems rather than on the reductive study of them. It defies conventional mathematical treatments because it is not prestatable and is nonalgorithmic. Not surprisingly, most economists have so far resisted these ideas. Yet there can be little doubt that learning to apply these lessons from biology to technology will usher in a remarkable era of innovation and growth.

Stuart A. Kauffman is professor of biocomplexity and informatics at the University of Calgary and external professor at the Santa Fe Institute.


We Are All Socialists

Capitalism Proves Socialism Inevitable

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