Friday, October 13, 2006

Dem's Fightin' Words

Liberal leadership contender Michael Ignatieff gestures as he speaks Friday afternoon at the University of Toronto.
PM's anti-Israel comment disgraceful: Ignatieff

Finally coming out of his garrett to speak to the masses, well U of T students anyways.You can take the Iggy out of the Ivory Tower but you can't take the Ivory Tower out of Iggy.

So Iggy makes a policy speech punctuated with comments on his comment on Israel and War Crimes. Then he takes questions from reporters on the Harpers comments on his comment.

And he takes out one foot only to stick the other one in his mouth. He now balances his comments by saying both Israel and Hezbollah committed war crimes. And to top it off some of his best friends are Jewish, and they invited him to Israel. Oy vey this guy just doesn't know when to quit.




Liberal Leadership Race


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