Friday, October 13, 2006

Lorne Gunter On The Wheat Board

As I have said before the right wing cares less about the nature of a monopoly, just that a monopoly exists and somehow that is unnatural. Of course that's because they think monoplies are the result of mercantilism of the State. In reality as I have pointed out before monopolies are the natural result of captialism. Right Wing former Alberta Report aulmni and CanWest columnist Lorne Gunter attacks the Wheat Board for being a monopoly. Forget democracy, forget its what the producers want, its a gosh darn monopoly.....

It matters not a bit whether two-thirds of farmers want the monopoly to continue or two-thirds want it abolished: There is no moral justification for a monopoly in the first place.

The Harpocrites have taken their attack on the Wheat Board straight from Gunters advice column.

And then he uses the Australian Wheat Board as an example of the success of a dual market.

Australia permits sales outside its wheat board and its producers, whether in the board or out, have seen no loss of income as a result of "dual marketing."

Of course he forgot to mention this result of privatization..... Australian Wheat Board “oil for food” inquiry ends


Wheat Board

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