Friday, October 13, 2006

No See-ums

King Ralph is at it again denying reality.....he looks out over the Calgary skyline and sees clear skies as if that means anything....I guess the logic is that if he can't see Greenhouse Gas it doesn't exist.....

Sask., Alberta worst greenhouse gas offenders: report

Alberta, Ontario lead in greenhouse gas emissions

“Those are my critics — I don’t agree with that,” said Klein. “I look at the beautiful air out here, and it’s just fine.” Klein scoffs at dirty Alberta

Oh yeah Ralph wasn't looking at the Fort McMurray sky line...

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So how come Saskatchewan is reporting increased acid rain from the tar sands effluent

Oilsands acid rain hazard

Potential for Acid Rain in North SK

Acid rain now damaging soils in Western Canada: study

The study says emissions in the West are rising but doesn't discuss the reasons. One major source is believed to be oil development in Alberta, which is the next province to be mapped for acid damage under the research program.

"Acid deposition in Western Canada has not received as much attention as in the more highly industrialized areas of Eastern North America, but unlike other regions of the continent, emissions of acidifying gases . . . have increased," says the study.


Tar Sands




Green Plan


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PeterC said...

In the last 15 years I've lived in both Calgary and Edmonton. I've traveled Hwy. 2 regularly during that time. I was amazed the first time I saw a smog cloud over Calgary, but that was 6 years ago. Recently I'm surprised when I don't see one.

Ralph isn't looking if he thinks Alberta skies are still clear. In denial of what he can see, how the heck can we convince him of what he can't see?

eugene plawiuk said...

With all the Chinooks Calgary and South Eastern face of the Rockies get the smog gets blown eastward. Of course that means clear skies until winter when any shnook on the road will see the reality of Green House gases rise from tail pipes and industrial plants.