Thursday, October 19, 2006

Garth Turner Green MP

Now that he is turfed out of the Conservatives will Garth Turner join the Green Party to become the first sitting MP for that party? This is from his weblog last night.....Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party.

May insists no, as I bring her into the foyer of the House – forbidden territory, since she is not an elected MP – for an interview with MPtv. She says she’d be only too happy to congratulate Ambrose on a knock-out climate change strategy document, but quickly adds that she doesn’t expect to be doing so. I find the woman to be sharp, engaging and surprisingly political, weaving in anti-Conservative messages that seem to go deep beyond the environmental file. She’s also a networker, taking full advantage of my delivering her to this sacred spot to buttonhole Liberal environment critic John Godfrey and try to catch the eye of some of the media gods.

May is clearly frustrated that while she leads a national party with federal funding and candidates in every riding, she likely will not be part of any leaders’ debate in the next election or, for that matter, be taken seriously enough by these reporters milling around. So, this week is as crucial to her as it is to Ambrose. The stakes are enormous for both of them, just as they are for Canadians.

And I am not the only one to think so;

Garth Turner - Canada's first Green MP?

Green Garth?


Garth Turner Green MP

Was It Something I Said?

Don't P.O. Garth

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