Friday, October 06, 2006

Help RAW

In Canada we have socialized medicine so this kind of crap would not occur. Even if we have waiting times. Robert Anton Wilson is dying and is broke so his friends are appealing for help. Who is RAW? Well he is a member of the Illuminati, but they kicked him out. Actually he is an iconaclastic anarchist author a fellow heretic of the first water.

Boing Boing has publicized his plight. Though he has money for this months rent, the man is dying. And is broke. In America. Where of course they don't have no state socialist medicare. So if you can help out....

Monthly contributions of $50.00 or more will be greatly appreciated. All monies will go directly to Robert and can be sent to his PayPal address You can also send a check to RAW c/o Futique Trust, P.O. Box 3561, Santa Cruz, Ca 95063. Link

I had the privilege in the eighties of bringing RAW to Edmonton at the height of the Keegstra Affair and its ensuing conspiracy theories. He spent a week here, that he said was the best week of his book tour. I would encourage all his fans to help him out in his last days. America should be ashamed. Ric Dophin did a two page spread in Alberta Report on Bob, and gave him fair and balanced coverage, which was surprizing.

Note from Robert's friend, Denis Berry: Sadly, we have to report that wizard-author-intelligence increase agent is in trouble with his life, home and his finances. Robert is dying at his home from post polio syndrome. He has enough money for next months rent and after that, will be unable to pay. He cannot walk, has a hard time talking and swallowing, is extremely frail and needs full time care that is being provided by several friends-fans-volunteers and family. We appeal to you to help financially for the next few months to let him die at his home in peace.

From Denis, who is managing Bob's care:

200610021323 Just went to your boing boing site. Wowie Zowie Batman! What an amazing job you're doing with everything.

Anyway, this morning Bob's daughter showed up at his house in tears because she had checked his PayPal account and found money for next month's rent plus more. Bob called me to say that he couldn't believe people would care so much about him and as we talked (which isn't easy for him at this point) he was overcome with emotion more than once. He is so touched and RELIEVED at the possibility of staying in his home. He kept repeating to me his deep felt appreciation and disbelief that people would care so much about him. What a humble and sweet man.

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Nancy said...

Thank you for posting news concerning Robert Anton Wilson's plight. Articles like yours brought it to my attention, and I led me to dust off some old video tapes....

Robert Anton Wilson Promo