Friday, October 06, 2006

Foley=October Surpise

There are a variety of right whingnutbar blogs and MSM commentators that are pulling off a Clinton over the Foley Follies. They are crying conspiracy. The Democrats did it.

The tinfoil hats should be issued immediately to these rightwhingnutbar commentators.

Foleygate (Open) Must-Read List

Somehow the Democrats used microwave mind control to brainwash the GOP leadership into shooting themselves in the foot by mind wiping them so they couldn't remember anything about the Foley emails.

Come to think of it this is October. And the Foley expose was a surprise. Even to the Democrats. So I guess this is an October Surprise. Not a Democratic conspiracy but the incompetence and arrogance of those in power for too long.

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Anonymous said...

Shit, that Must Read list is worth seeing just for the number, and nature, of links on the site!

McGuire said...

The Democrats should also be investigated. They should be forced to admit how long they've known about the Foley affair & if they were sitting on this info so they could use it at a damaging moment. I ain't big on conspiracy theories, but this is somewhat plausible.

However, what bothers me the most about the reaction of many of my fellow conservatives is that if this is true, then this somehows absolves the GOP oof guilt in the matter or at least doesn't make it as bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. I for one believe that not only Hastert should resign, but that House Republicans need to be defeated in order for the GOP to get their act together & reconnect with their principles. I am one conservative who is sick & fed up with the way they've acted on this & many other matters

eugene plawiuk said...

Bravo McGuire. Good to hear. And from my cursory, though regular, watching of American politics you are with the majority of the base of the Republican party.

The fact that the FBI apparently sat on this matter is far more incriminating than anything the Democrats could have or should have done. And I would suggest if they had known and said anything if would have immediately been labeled an October Surprise or dirty trick.

The GOP knows they are in trouble with their base and have hauled out Newt over the past year to speak out on issues on the talk show circute, the Conservative Book Club, etc. in order to make it appear that the current War Party of War is the Party of the Contract For America.