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I Was An IslamoFascist For MI6

My pal Rambling Socialist picked up on the fact that the master of self deception, President Musharraf of Pakistan in his new book claims that Omar Saeed Sheikh was a British Spy for MI6.

Now considering how many things he has said in his new autobiography that have been challenged for their truthfulness, which of course doesn't mean they aren't true, this would be a greater embarassment than his allegation the U.S. strong armed him into supporting their attack on Afghanistan.

Despite his show trial in Pakistan there is no evidence that Omar killed WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl.
The Hindu : Omar Sheikh arrested, says Pearl is alive

But true to form he had arranged his kidnapping, which was Omar's speciality, and until Pearl none of his victims had been harmed. Which does smack of the kind of black ops double cross that is typical of security agencies and their moles. And it is interesting that Omar got close to the leadership of Al Qaeda in Pakistan while working for Pakistan's Intelligence Service.

Indian authorities also told the US that the trail led back from Omar Sheikh to the then Chief of ISI, Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmad who was subsequently forced to retire by Pakistan resident Pervez Musharraf. The Indian authorities provided the FBI with the details, including Omar Sheikh’s mobile numbers. Mumbai Bomb Blasts – Intelligence And Counter-Intelligence

He was already under arrest when Pearl was killed. Which gives credence to this allegation obtained by rendition and torture.

U.S. Contends Qaeda Leader Executed Pearl

US officials say that Khalid Shaik Mohammed, then Al Qaeda's top operational commander, personally executed American reporter Daniel Pearl, who was abducted in Pakistan in January 2002; Mohammed is now in US custody but officials do not say if Mohammed has confessed to murder; British-born Islamic extremist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is appealing death sentence for role in kidnapping and three other extremists were also found guilty

His trial may have been more of a case of shutting up someone who could embarass the Pakistan security services using the murder of Daniel Pearl as a convinant excuse. Musharraf would know. As an editorial in the Tribune and Indian newspaper stated in 2002;
Omar Sheikh’s bombshell

Omar Sheikh has been living in Pakistan for more than two years and he is a British citizen and hence should have been under close police watch. His claims of daring action could be an exaggerated boast to entrench his leadership in the so-called jehadi groups, as the Pakistani authorities say. But it could also be a government defence of distancing itself from the terrorists and shielding its lack of action during all these years when this British citizen was in Pakistan plotting terrorists attacks in an important neighbouring country. Any country interested in democracy will know the dilemma of a military dictatorship trying to damage India.

As fellow blogger Xymphora says;

Of course, Musharraf would say something like that, as it takes the heat off his own country for some of the things that Omar Sheikh has allegedly done, all supposedly on behalf of Pakistani military intelligence. On the other hand, Musharraf’s story fits. Omar Sheikh was from a well-to-do family, educated at a public school, and had excellent marks. Athletic, aggressive, and intelligent. A young Muslim male at a time when such an agent might well be useful. A text-book mark for British intelligence recruitment. Like all alleged terrorists, he suddenly turned into a violent Islamist religious extremist, and ended up in an Afghan training camp (where Aukai Collins knew him as Umar).

As usual with all these ‘terrorists’, all his old friends now say they have trouble imagining such a thing happening to him. He was supposedly radicalized in Bosnia, but Bosnia seems to have been both a school for Islamic terrorists, and the foundation for NATO/German/French/British/American shenanigans in manipulating Islamist terrorist groups in the proto-WarOnTerror phony fight as a ruse for the ClashOfCivilizations-leading-to-NewMiddleEast crapola. So either it is a legitimate 180 degree personality change, or he is fitting into the role he has to play to infiltrate Islamist terrorist organizations on behalf of British intelligence. Which do you think it is?

So lets take a look at who Omar is.....

BBC NEWS | UK | Profile: Omar Saeed Sheikh
Omar Sheikh, 27, was born in London, attended the London School of Economics and was a close associate of Maulana Azhar Masood - founder of the banned Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) group, which India blames for an attack on its parliament in December 2001.Omar Sheikh was reportedly a contemporary of England cricket captain Nasser Hussain at the private Forest School, in Snaresbrook.

After passing four A-levels with good grades, Omar Sheikh enrolled at LSE in October 1992.

But he left before the end of his first year of an undergraduate degree in statistics.

Reports suggest he visited Bosnia as an aid worker and soon after, he moved to Pakistan

In 1999, while serving a prison sentence for terrorist offences, an Indian Airlines plane was hijacked to Kandahar in Afghanistan.

And in exchange for the 155 hostages on the plane, Omar Sheikh was freed from jail.

A Sheikh and the money trail

After his release, Sheikh spent time making contact with several terrorist organisations in Afghanistan and Taliban head Mullah Mohammad Omar. While Azhar went on to form the Jaish-e-Mohammad, focussed on Jammu and Kashmir, Sheikh concentrated on building international contacts for the Islamic Right through his old network in the U.K. Although he had received arms training at the Salam Fassi camp at Miranshah, Pakistan, in 1993, guns were no longer part of his job. Osama bin Laden, say Indian officials who have monitored Sheikh's career, played a key role in this career move. Indian intelligence believes that Sheikh, who helped set up a website propagating jehad, was also tasked to help create a secure, encrypted web-based communications system. Omar Sheikh: A deadly whirlpool of terror

The story of Sheikh's father is typical of any successful Pakistani migrant to the west, and that of Sheikh typical of a modern day jihadi.

Saeed Ahmed Sheikh, Omar's father, was born in Dhoka Mandi village near Lahore and lived there till his early 20s before migrating to London sometime in 1968 to pursue Chartered Accountancy course.

After being an accountant with a record company for a short while, Saeed Ahmed Sheikh started his own wholesale garment business under the name 'Perfect Fashions'.

At present, his company earns over half a million pounds annually.

His family owns a house (bought in 1977) in London, some shops and land.

Omar Sheikh is the eldest of the three children, and was born on December 23, 1973 in London.

His younger sister, Hajira Sheikh, was confirmed to be a medicine student till recently at Oxford, while his younger brother, Awais Sheikh, was a student of A level in Oxford.

All the three children are known to be brilliant, and are recipients of scholarships.

Omar Sheikh did his schooling at Nightingale Primary School and later at Forest School at Snaresbrook. Present English cricket team captain Nasser Hussain was his classmate at school.

In 1987, Omar's father wound up his business and moved back to Lahore, but returned to London soon after in 1990, after he had a fall out with his cousins.

During his stay in Lahore, Omar went to Aitchison College. Indian agencies said that Omar was known for his temperamental behaviour and he had enough quarrels that forced his father to call him back to London. Omar went back to Forest School and finished his Senior Cambridge in 1992.

During his Forest School days, Omar had a short-lived romance with an English girl, Sarah, about whom he spoke affectionately to Indian interrogators.

Omar is a combination of complex interests, according to intelligence agencies.

He was a chess champion during his days at London School of Economics, where he was also reputed for his brilliant academic abilities. He is also a keen arm wrestler, and took part in the 1992 World Arm Wrestling Championships in Geneva.

A martial arts enthusiast, Omar's prowess was seen by Indian police officers, who nabbed him in mid 90s, when he was holding five foreigners captive outside Delhi.

While in a Ghaziabad hospital, after being arrested by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police, he punched a deputy superintendent of police, and threatened to track down and kill the constable who had slapped him back.

Later at the Meerut jail, he kicked the jail superintendent, and was shifted to high security Tihar jail in Delhi, after the Uttar Pradesh Police categorised him as 'dreaded'.

During his LSE days, Omar dabbled in shares and equities and was earning up to 1000 pounds a day from a chain of retail customers he had set up using his father's business base.

Moved by a documentary on Bosnia (Destruction of a Nation) in 1992, Omar Sheikh took to jihad and went to Bosnia on a trip with 'Convoy of Mercy'.

Indian officials believe that he had tacit support from his father.

According officials, Omar was in contact with Maulana Ismail of Clifton Mosque in North London, who inspired him to join Harkat-ul-Ansar and come to Kashmir.

An Indian intelligence official told that psychologists who interacted with him during his stay in Indian jails believe that he is an 'anti-Zionist and anti-Christian who believes that Muslims can never be friends with Christians and Jews'.

"He feels it is the duty of every Muslim to take up jihad and strengthen the Muslims wherever they were in minority," the official said.

He certainly had the classic English School Boy upbringing so appealing to the British Secret Service historically. Of course their use of British Upper Class twits as the basis of the secret service has also backfired, as we saw during the Cold War. So why not set up a double agent/mole within the new Mujahedin movement.


Pearl 's kidnapping and murder was orchestrated by Omar Sheikh, a British citizen of Pakistani origin, who had studied for some time in the London School of Economics. He discontinued his studies and joined the HUA during the war in Bosnia , where the HUA had sent a contingent to help the Bosnian Muslims in their fight against the Serbs. This contingent was sent by the Government of Mrs.Benazir Bhutto, who was then the Prime Minister, at the request of the Clinton Administration.. The contingent, which was raised and got trained by Lt.Gen.(retd) Hamid Gul, former Director-General of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), who himself used to visit Bosnia, had a large number of British Muslims of Pakistani origin.

Omar Sheikh surrendered to a former officer of the ISI and a close personal friend of Gen.Pervez Musharraf, who was posted as Home Secretary in Lahore , was tried along with other accomplices and sentenced to death by a lower court. The sentence has not so far been carried out. An appeal against the sentence filed by Omar is pending before a higher court, which has been adjourning the hearing again and again. On July 14, the hearing was adjourned for the 32nd time.

In the meanwhile, Omar continues to be as active from jail as he was when he was a free man. He reportedly keeps in touch with his friends and followers in the UK , advising them on their future course of action. Statements purported to have been issued by him from jail calling upon the Muslims of the world to retaliate against the US for its desecration of the Holy Koran are being disseminated every Friday in many Pakistani mosques controlled by jihadi terrorist organisations.

In fact the South Asia Analysis Group a non profit non commercial think tank speculates Omar was the source for the recent arrests in London.

Bojinka 2006:Focus on Omar Sheikh, Rashid Rauf & Prof. Sayeed ...

Pakistan and the Terror Nexus
There are those who might doubt the word of Musharraf, and who can blame them? But in fact I documented Omar Sheikh Saeed's simultaneous intelligence connections to the CIA, ISI and MI6 in The War on Truth and The London Bombings. Details have come forth from an intriguing combination of American, British and Pakistani government sources.

Readers of my 7/7 work will begin to see an unnervingly familiar pattern here. As I explained on "Generation 7/7", a Channel 4 learning documentary that has been aired several times since the 7/7 anniversary (including last week), the suspected 7/7 mastermind al-Qaeda fixer Haroon Rashid Aswat is also an MI6 double agent according to American intelligence officials. When former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus came on Fox News last year and revealed the extent to which MI6 had been protecting Aswat from our own police services and the CIA, the official story shifted suddenly and inexplicably. Police spokesmen, who had previously described in detail the telephone records of Aswat's extensive conversations with alleged chief London bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan, summarily denied that Aswat had any connection at all to 7/7. The shift in reporting happened precisely to conceal the embarrassing revelation that the failure to apprehend Aswat, was due to the active obstruction of attempts to apprehend him, by our very own MI6.
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed




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