Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Armes sans frontières

Legal Loopholes Allow Arms Traders to Dodge Embargoes

Including Canadian arms dealers. Unlike our troop commitments our arms are ending up in the Sudan to be used for genocide. Gee just like our Oil companies.

“Arms without Borders” reveals that Canadian, US and EU companies are among those able to take advantage of inconsistencies in national regulations by selling weapons components and subcontracting arms manufacturing overseas. The report details how weapons, including attack helicopters and combat trucks, are being assembled from foreign components and manufactured under license in such countries as China, Egypt, India, Israel and Turkey.

The report shows how these and other conventional weapons have ended up in destinations such as Colombia, Sudan and Uzbekistan where they have reportedly been used for the killing and displacement of civilians, highlighting the urgent need for global rules to regulate an increasingly globalized industry.

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