Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weapons of Mass Deception

I came across this interesting item at the Literature of Intelligence A Bibilography. Bill Clinton could have used WMD as the excuse to go to war against Serbia, but decided against it unlike George W. Of course the evidence of a nuclear threat from Serbia had as much credibility as that of WMD in Iraq. Which is zero. What is interesting is that the CIA was already cooking up WMD threats back in 1999 to justify military operations by the U.S.

Gertz, Bill. "Yugoslavia Has Nuke Material: Agencies." Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 19-25 Apr. 1999, 1, 22.

"U.S. intelligence agencies warned NATO military commanders two weeks ago that Yugoslavia could resort to nuclear-laced weapons in the Balkans conflict.... Nuclear material for a radiological weapon ... is being stored at the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, located about six miles southeast of ... Belgrade."

Had George W. only promoted his war in Iraq as a humanitarian war like Clinton did, then he wouldn't be in trouble with the Democrats, who approve of humanitarian wars. Just like Iggy.



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