Monday, October 16, 2006

Job Loss It's The Environmentalists Fault

Two Quebec Ministers in the Harper Government, the Minister of Labour and the Minister of Industry, state that its the environmental movement that have caused the job losses around softwood. Why because the Quebec provincial government imposed environmental laws on the private sector without consulting them and bringing them in gradually. You know like having the private sector use voluntary compliance. Oh gosh I can't wait for the Tories Clean Air Act.

Blackburn said Ottawa's environmental legislation, to be tabled Tuesday, "is a step in the right direction" because it still allows businesses to flourish.

Of course the job loss in the softwood industry has nothing to do with the Tories failure to bail out that sector, while waiting for their Softwood lumber deal to pass the house. Nope, not a thing to do with that. Of course industry can continue to function on the promise of future funding from the softwood deal, yep they can take that to the bank.



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