Monday, October 16, 2006

Cherniak Unwitting Tory

The Conservatives messaging that you hear on Mike Duffy and Don Newman over Iggys commments about War Crimes is; "this summer the Liberal Leadership Candidates and MPs attacked Israel." It is their defense of Harpers comment that the Liberals are Anti-Semitic errr.... Anti-Israel/Anti-Israeli.(the two terms seem interchangable in the heat of debate on these political shows)

I scratch my head and ask myself, self where have I heard this before. The Liberal Party did not attack Israel but had an internal kerfuffle over comments made by a volunteer for one of the Leadership Candidates, and comments from one MP.

A tempest in a teapot that got blown out of proportion by Cherniak 's vociferous blogging outrage. So now the Tories are using Cherniak against the party. Delicious. This is what happens when you smear people. Chickens, home, roost.

And it seems that Cherniak just doesn't know when to quit....
Cherniak in the Globe

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