Monday, October 16, 2006

Naked Newz Update 10/06

Earlier this month we reported the Nude news, stories with Nude in them, this update is for news stories with Naked in them.

Da Newz......

Nice to see she has work after her cocaine debacle.....

Kate Moss has made her most saucy film yet for the Agent Provocateur underwear label.

The supermodel, 32, strips off to just her knickers in the short 30-minute clip.

The film, which begins with Moss wearing a skirt and shirt, is the latest collaboration between the underwear label and the model.

Click here to see a trailer of the movie

A previous clip was so popular that the underwear company's website crashed.

Help crash the website again. Says Rolling Stone she has done more provocative work......

Let’s all just calm down and watch Kate pole dance in that White Stripes video. It’s art. Seriously. It is.

Harry Potter gets Barn chores......

Harry Potter boy star in naked West End role

Daniel Radcliffe may find that the audience is a little too close for comfort when he performs a sensational nude scene on stage in the West End next year. Sixty people from the audience will actually be seated on stage when the Harry Potter star simulates a sex act

Yes but its a sex act with horses like something out of All Creatures Great And Small.

Is being naked sex? I thought it was nudity. Being naked is not sexual, it is natural. Sex is in the mind of the voyuer. And yes being naked is good for the cause just ask PETA.

Would you strip naked for a good cause?
Sometime last year, several female celebrities decided to pose nude for a calendar. They didn't mind because they did it for a "good cause" and any money they received was to be donated (was it for children with cancer? I don't remember). On my campus, similar publications circulated and they were surprisingly popular. Yesterday, there were a group of college-age students parading around the neighborhood half-naked claiming they were raising money for some sort of organization. Is this what our society has come down to? People exploiting their sexuality to raise money in the name of a good cause?

These guys in Germany posed for a good cause.... a rose by any other name......Naked Men's Garden Calendar Fundraiser

These folks also from Germany couldn't wait to do a calendar so they did some direct action... Protestors Strip Naked at Library Threatening to be closed due to lack of use, the Kingsteignton library was the scene of a naked protest held by locals that feel that it is essential the library stay open.

And speaking of performing sex for the public for some folks it just comes naturally....

Naked Truths
Many things have been said of Sook-Yin Lee over the years, but the notion that she lacks sufficient courage has not been among them. Shortbus, which opened here recently, she downplays her iconic boldness to play Sofia, a seemingly gentle couples counsellor with some serious relationship problems of her own. Despite a vigorous—really vigorous, as we see in the movie’s long, highly explicit opening sequence—sex life with her husband, Sofia has never had an orgasm. And thus launches a pursuit that centres the rest of the tale, which takes her repeatedly to the anything-goes nightclub of the title. “Frankly, I don’t think I did any acting before this,” confessed Lee, back in town for the film’s local debut, at the just-wrapped Vancouver International Film Festival.

Wait a minute is this a remake of Deep Throat Canadian style? Well the opening party for the film sort of confirms this...Sex-starved East Village hippies get naked for John Cameron ... Wait a minute when were hippies ever sex starved?

In small town Manitoba they don't want women strippers....but male strippers are popular....

Naked hostility

A strip show set for tomorrow night at the Ste. Anne Hotel has been met by stiff opposition from some area residents, and town council appears to have taken their side. "We don't think exotic dancers are the best image for our community," Mayor Robert Gosselin told the Sun yesterday. Hotel manager Amanda Koltusky said she's surprised at the sudden opposition, especially since it's so close to the show. She said they've been advertising since before the September Long Weekend, and it's not the first time the bar has hosted strippers. Customers were so keen to see four male dancers last April, Koltusky said she had lineups out the door and had to turn people away.

The cheeky writer did manage to get the word stiff in the opening line of an article on strippers.

Its not what you think....

It's about horse racing.

In New Zealand the Invisible Woman appears......

Invisible to the naked eye
You may have noticed the massive billboards stopping traffic on Fanshawe Street and on the Airport Bendon headquarters building- a seemingly naked woman reclining with "invisible" written across her- as if she were anything but! Then, the full story was revealed...and she was wearing the new "Invisible" bra designed-unlike the billboard model- not to ever be noticed at all! The days of the VBL (Visible Bra Line) are numbered thanks to the brand new, ultimate t-shirt bra from Bendon which eliminates dreaded bulging back fat and “double boobs”, resulting from cup spillage; unsightly symptoms which many women can experience with regular bras.

 The stunning actress, who shot to fame playing a sexy stripper in ‘Sin City’, insists she will never bare all on the big screen and doesn’t care if her prude attitude harms her Hollywood career. She told Elle magazine

Hypocrisy is spelled A L B A ...sure she has morals...they allow her to pose like this... but she is opposed to being seen naked....go figure....

Jessica Says She Will Never Strip Naked For A Movie

The stunning actress, who shot to fame playing a sexy stripper in ‘Sin City’, insists she will never bare all on the big screen and doesn’t care if her prude attitude harms her Hollywood career. She told Elle magazine

“I don’t do nudity. I just don’t. Maybe that makes me a bad actress.

Maybe I won’t get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety.”

Alba, who was seen almost entirely in a bikini in her 2005 film ‘Into the Blue’, has a no nakedness policy because it goes against her morals.

Bare breasts will get you kicked out of a PG-13 rating, but swearing and violence of course won't.....
Scarlett Johansson Was Stopped From Exposing Her Breasts

Getting naked on stage or screen is not limited to female stars, more guys are doing it now...NAKED AMBITION PERHAPS it's something in our water, but James McAvoy has joined fellow Scot Ewan McGregor as an actor who likes stripping off. Like his more famous countryman, Shameless and Narnia star James is fast gaining a reputation for going nude on stage and film. McAVOY: "I LIKE BEING NAKED ON STAGE'

Of course it is smart to make sure you have no security cameras recording you.....but to get busted for public indecency when you are in the privacy of your office afterhours....well that is pushing it......Ohio Prosecutor Naked in Government Building After-Hours ...Maybe he can sue for violating his presumption of privacy.....

Contrary to the headline no the stockbroker is not naked....
Getting naked isn't such a great idea when you're selling options

However as reported here before, naked short selling is right up there in damaging the political economy of capitalism as hedge funds are...

President and CEO, Richard A. Altomare, a prominent and outspoken critic for over ten years on the adverse effect of naked shorting on smaller public companies, their stockholders, investors and employees and the severe economic damage of this practice on the economics of States and Localities, heartily endorses the well reasoned comment statement to the SEC dated October 4, 2006, on the scandal of naked shorting by the very prestigious North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA).

The sexism of haute coture and RockNRoll culture shows through in the self deprecations of one Posh Spice.....
Victoria says she looks "awful naked" ...Because she has had children and now looks like any other mother. "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach," Mrs Beckham added: "I might fit into jeans but, trust me, I look really awful naked." Gee what does that say to the other mothers out there ? Get thee into a Burka?

He will eat what? ......
Naked chef doesn't have balls Jamie said: "One thing I won't cook is genitals - the balls and the general genital area. Some countries tend to cook that and I'm not into that. I don't mind offal, but not genitals."

Of course even though he wears the apron in the family his refusal to cook balls may have something to do with a slight castration phobia....mind you his comments should be taken with a grain of salt considering it comes from a guy with his mouth full of offal..... Naked truth spices up debate

THEY were comments intended as food for thought but celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's views on working women and the demise of family life has caused tempers to reach boiling point.
The young father-of-two, who wears the apron in his own home, told Good Housekeeping magazine that working mothers were responsible for crumbling family values because they no longer had time to cook healthy meals or ensure their families shared dinner together.

Like the Naked Chef the nudity is TV title titillation only....Close encounter with A Naked Scientist

Ice T who once upon a time was a rapper before he
became a cop on TV has released a new old album entitled Gangsta Rap...sheesh...he ain't no gangsta he's Mr. Law and Order...maybe he should have called it Gangsta Buster......

Or he could have called it the Two Virgins since he and his wife imitate John and Yoko......

The cover shows both Ice T and his wife, CoCo, spread naked across a bed.

Of course John and Yoko were more political, and politically savvy, than Ice T who will not be spied upon by the FBI.....
'The US vs. John Lennon'
The movie covers Lennon's days as a social activist and war protestor, explaining, for example, the seemingly loony publicity stunt of doing press conferences in bed with wife Yoko Ono in 1969 (immortalized by the song Ballad of John and Yoko). In truth, Lennon was more crafty than crazy, figuring he could grab the world's attention by acting outrageously. Lennon succeeded in the publicity arena, but didn't make much headway on his overall goal: to end the war in Vietnam.

Of course the way to woo a girl is to do yoga for her....naked....shows how flexible you are....
Fiennes steps out with new love he wooed with naked yoga

The new generation of gaming geeks and nerds have their own version of the Snap On Tools calendar...of course the nude gamers are women models... we all know that the majority of gamers are guys....but would nude geeks and nerds sell asks

Totally Nerdcore has launched a calendar to try and please gamers and simultaneously line their own pockets. It contains full-on nudity, and the site doesn't come close to being SFW, so surf at your own peril. Yes, you can now own a photo of a naked woman wearing nothing but a Nintendo Power Glove, complete with a convenient, built-in hanging loop. It will really tie your game room together.

Spanish political candidate offers 'naked truth' He is wearing clothes in this photo...typical politician can't trust them to really expose themselves to the public.

Albert Rivera, a 26-year old lawyer, holds up a campaign poster showing himself naked, in Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 20, 2006. (AP / Manu Fernandez)

Albert Rivera, a 26-year old lawyer, holds up a campaign poster showing himself naked, in Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 20, 2006. (AP / Manu Fernandez)

And some folks look plain ugly naked, but they may reveal the secrets to a long life.....They're naked and they live longer

they're ugly, they're naked, their homes are underground, but they may hold a secret that could help humans live longer.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Naked Mole-Rat May Hold Answer to Longer Life

This little guy is ugly but you know what's uglier? A naked Troll. Naked Troll Project reaches its goal

Of course this little fella ain't as cute as Suzanne Sommers but then again the science behind his longevity is better than hers, remember she promoted the flaky thigh master


THREE'S COMPANY star SUZANNE SOMERS has been blasted for writing "nonmedical, misleading and unsubstantiated" claims in her new book on hormone therapies.The 59-year-old actress claims her book AGELESS: THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES contains a "medically validated approach", which can help maintain "a healthy, vibrant, mentally sharp, sexually active life - while building the body's natural defenses against age-related diseases".However, DOCTOR ERIKA SCHWARTZ, from the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in New York City, tells the New York Post, "We believe Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones is detrimental and dangerous to the thousands of women who will read it.

Speaking of TV and Movies faux-auter director David Lynch, Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Dune, etc. etc. doesn't like to talk about his movies...Naked Lynch Stripping himself of celluloid, the 'Inland' emperor has no clothes

This gives new meaning to cruising...
Cruise to get religion, get naked, get your Klingon
When Holland America's Maasdam sets sail to the Caribbean in February, the first thing most of the 1,250 passengers will do is shed their clothes. Every stitch. And why not? They will be participating in a nudist cruise — just one of many special-interest sailings that cater to fans of everything from "Star Trek" to chocolate concoctions to the sound of Sinatra. The people who organize such cruises, sometimes chartering an entire ship, say they are a wonderful way for people with similar interests or lifestyles to get together.

If we all fought naked there would be less wars....Naked War by Pickford Brothers

Sometimes women ask the darndest questions.
The near-naked truth Why do men visit strip clubs? Experts offer varied explanations for behavior

And when they don't the answer they want they ask someone else
She wasn't satisfied with just one guy....
Boca Raton woman pens book about ‘527 naked men’

More exploitation of gamer grrls by Adult MSM...that is Main Stream Mens Mags.....Tekken Girls Get Wet And Naked in Maxim

Some folks are crazy enough to go looking for the hottest spot on earth and they still wear their clothes.

Pure, Naked Heat Tourists seek out one of Earth's most scorching spots

This is a way to make sure you weigh in and of course it happened in Thailand home of Ladyboys and the worlds largest sex market and the reporters are still shocked...go figure....Boxer goes naked to make weight for world title fight
Caballero stunned reporters by removing his underwear at the weigh-in for his WBA super bantamweight fight with champion Somsak Sithchatchawal of Thailand.

Cheeky Turk......Top designer's hat trick with naked model

Enlarge the image

In a cheeky parody, avantgarde Turkish-born, British based designer Hussein Chalayan shocked the Paris Fashion Week crowd yesterday by sending a model down the runway wearing little more than a hat and a fetching pair of heels. Perhaps this pared-down part his collection will be available shops - as the Emperor's New Clothes range?

She would feel right at home at these Nude Festivals........

Running of the Nudes
Spain has long been famous for the running of the bulls at Pamplona. While Hemingway was a big fan, there are those who object to the cruelty factor and, in protest, have staged their own festival — the Running of the Nudes. The festival takes place at the beginning of July a couple of days before the running of the bulls.

With the exception of the presence of the bulls, the general idea is pretty much the same. Both involve crowds of people running frantically through the streets of Pamplona, except that in the one instance everyone is completely starkers. So if you care for the well-being of bulls and are a bit of an exhibitionist then this is the festival for you.

Hadaka Matsuri
When it comes to running naked through the streets, the Japanese in Inazawa City are old hands. Since 767 BC the Naked Man has been taking a nude journey to the Kounomiya Shrine. The Naked Man’s odyssey currently takes place on January 13 each year. As he walks through the town, the Naked Man is said to absorb all the evil and bad luck of the people who touch him and after he has paid his respects to the Shinto deity, he is driven out of the town, taking all the bad luck with him.

Being the Naked Man is no easy task. In the depths of winter he has to walk the streets in a cotton loin cloth, while 9000 men in similar attire jostle frantically to touch him, while ‘guards’ lining the streets douse them all with icy water. Apparently it is a great honour.

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