Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Behind the Eight Ball

Canada, US to Implement Softwood Lumber Accord on Oct. 12

To little, too late. Thanks to the bursting of the American housing bubble.

Slumping lumber prices could see sawmills close

Abitibi shutdowns chop 680 jobs Indefinite closings at 4 sawmills. Firms says demand for products has dived because of the US housing slowdown.
Domtar Announces Closure of 4 Sawmills MSN Money

Abitibi-Consolidated cutting 700 jobs in Quebec and closing four mills
Other forestry companies including Cascades (TSX:CAS), Weyerhaeuser (TSX:WEF) and privately held Kruger have announced similar closures in Quebec and in other parts of Canada this year as the industry restructures to meet rising energy costs and lower demand for lumber and other wood products.


American Exceptionalism


Free Trade

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