Monday, December 04, 2006

Bush Sr. Declares Son A Loser

At his final official Leadership Council, today, Florida Govenor Jeb Bush invited Daddy to speak. Unfortunately Daddy broke down, shown on video on CNN's the Situation Room, and declared that his other son, the current President, was incapable of accepting defeat. As he choked back the tears he declared that some people never learn. A clear reference to his namesake in the the White House.

He was celebrating Jebs forced retirement as Govenor, and talking about his victories and defeats when the spirit of the lord came upon him in a swelling epiphany. That upon the mention of the word defeat the image of Chavez's devil Bush came upon the old man, overwhelming him with guilt.

The enoromity of the Iraq SNAFU literally left him a brokenman. Speechless he simply sobbed piteously, in public.

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