Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vive Chavez

Chavez hails landslide election victory as defeat for 'devil' Bush

How many democratic elections does a guy have to win, by a landslide, before the American media will stop refering to him as a "Dictator".

Venezuelans Give Chávez a Mandate to Tighten His Grip

The landslide victory of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela's presidential election Sunday caps off 12 elections across Latin America since November 2005 that, taken together, reveal a broad electoral shift to the left.

Any day now I suspect reading these headlines.

Chávez triumph brings emollient words from US Guardian Unlimited

Envoys offer Chavez an olive branch
Houston Chronicle, United States - 1 hour ago
CARACAS, VENEZUELA — High-level US diplomats reached out to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Monday, a day after the loudest Latin American critic of the ...

US welcomes Chavez's victory NDTV.com

US praises Venezuela's democracy

Chavez's revenge against those who call him Tyrant, Despot, Dictator, Devil, Evil, etc. is to get re-elected.

CITGO is the retail arm of Venezuela's Nationalized Oil Company. Which has a very effective PR campaign underway on America TV about being a socially and environmentally responisble company.
Venezuela uses petro-dollars to help US poor

Joe Kennedy and U.S. Rep. William Delahunt (D-Quincy) yesterday defended the expansion of Citgo’s expanded ties with Kennedy’s energy-assistance program, saying the Venezuelan firm is the only oil company to make a major commitment to helping the poor.

In order to counteract the US Government National Security State Politicians who are promoting political boycotts of CITGO.

Hearts and Minds. It's all about Hearts and Minds. In the war against American Hegemony and Imperialism.



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1 comment:

Red Jenny said...

He's a dictator if we say he's a dictator. What do the Venezuelans know? It's only their country, after all.

Unfortunately from the media here, you'd never know he's really just a social democrat with a big mouth - he's pretty darn unscary (unless you're a big foreign transnational corporation with an interest in obtaining Venezuelan resources and/or labour on the cheap).