Sunday, December 17, 2006

Call An Electiion

Our new President of the Executive Council of Alberta; Steady Eddie Stelmach is a man of few words.

Message from the Premier

Doing what's right for all Albertans

I pledge to do my best to serve the citizens of this great province. I am humbled and honoured by the support I've already received and I look forward to working with people across the province to do what is right for all Albertans. Together we can do great things.

Premier Ed Stelmach announced five priorities for government

Govern with integrity and transparency

Manage growth pressures

Improve Albertans' quality of life

Build a stronger Alberta

Provide safe and secure communities

To the point kinda of guy.

Stelmach plans to tour the province in January and February to meet with party members and other Albertans.

If he wants to do whats right for Alberta he will call an election in the spring of 2007 not just do the Royal Tour. In fact he should be obliged to call the election in 2007, no in 2008 or 2009 as he is contemplating and 2010 is way too late.

As this entry in wikipedia says;

The next Alberta general election does not need to be called until early 2010. However, it is probable that it will be called as soon as 2007 because the governing Progressive Conservatives held a leadership election on December 2, 2006 in which Ed Stelmach was elected to replace Ralph Klein as party leader and Premier.

The election will be called as soon as Stelmach formally advises Lieutenant Governor Norman Kwong to dissolve the Legislature. On June 11, 2006 Liberal opposition leader Kevin Taft announced a prediction for an election being held in February 2007. Former NDP leader Raj Pannu predicted a spring 2007 vote. However, Stelmach was not predicted by very many observers to win the PC leadership so whether he will call an election within that timeframe remains to be seen. There is also speculation that the vote will be delayed until fall to avoid running into a federal election projected for early 2007.


Ed Stelmach


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