Sunday, December 17, 2006

About Time

I have to agree with Northern B.C. Dipper who says; Time To Fire Brad Lavigne, NDP Communications Director

My only comment would be that the time to do that was right after the last election when he refused to have an NDP blog.

Lavigne's performance on the political talk shows on CTV and CBC is less than inspiring, and he simple repeats himself over and over, spending more time attacking the Liberals than really attacking the Tories. And he is incapable of any sponteanous comment, or pithy counter point, or heck even a short sharp stab. He is always on his message, which is tiresome.

During the election there were those who live in the Ottawa beltway that like him.
*Unflappable, indomitable and effervescent even when he's on the attack-- nobody doesn't like Brad Lavigne.

Well I don't and it appears more Dippers are getting pissed with him.

On Afghanistan I have done a better job getting the NDP message out than Lavigne has. Lavigne has missed defining the mission in debates with his Conservative and Liberal counterparts. And the NDP really blew it with their messaging on Dion on Afghanistan.

Instead they engaged in cheap shots one expects from the Western Standard.

Brad Lavigne interview

Even worse his haircut sucks and he dresses like a dweeb, though in the last week it appears he has finally bought a new suit, and a found a matching T-shirt to go with it.


Brad Lavigne


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Tyler Kinch said...

Don't all communications have to go through the federal secretary? Or atleast I think that is the way it is provincially?

I'm not defending or blaming anyone. But I think if we feel there is a problem, we should call for a review, before pointing fingers and firing anyone. I'm not for attacking an individiual... he may not be the problem. I'd call for a review of the communications strategy.

eugene plawiuk said...

I would be fine with a review. With Anne McGrath as President, and herself experienced with communications and strategy this would be a natural for her to oversee.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why are you picking on Brad Lavigne? The criticisms of his hair and suit are especially unneccessary, and make you look like a schoolyard bully. Don't think people in the federal office don't read this stuff. I'm sorry he made the wrong choice on blogs, but public campaigns to fire party staffers generally aren't effective, and they make the party look bad too...

Tyler Kinch said...


eugene plawiuk said...

"criticisms of his hair and suit are unnecassary" Au contraire they are precisely necassary since he is the message when he is in public. His demeanour, his look, hello we are talking Media Relations here. On TV. Like when current Party President Anne McGrath forgot to wear a poppy last year during Remeberance Week. Opps. Viewers see that and respect.

So image is as improtant as message, if you don't get that then get out of the communications game.