Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6 Will Live In Infamy

Yes I know this was FDR's famous quote about December 7, but for Canadians who had never experienced deliberate gender based misogynist mass murder, well today, December 6th, is that day.

The War on Women remains the foremost criminal social issue today. And it remains one that this current New Law and Order Government fails to address.

In fact it avoids addressing it except tangetally. In eliminating funding for all forms of advocacy, the Conservative State says there is no problem that cannot be fixed by increasing minimum sentences, more cops and more state control over judges.

And the rememberance celebrations that will happen today across Canada will be overshadowed in Parliament by the Same Sex Marriage Issue raised by the Patriarchs of the Right. That is their biggest concern, the sacredness of the social institution of womens slavery as chattel property; marriage.

The original meaning of the word "family" (familia) is not that compound of sentimentality and domestic strife which forms the ideal of the present-day philistine; among the Romans it did not at first even refer to the married pair and their children, but only to the slaves. Famulus means domestic slave, and familia is the total number of slaves belonging to one man.

Fredrick Engels,

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

It is Harpers attempt to appease the Counter-Reformists of the Right who have a political anathema to the Sexual Revolution, The politcal/social origin of both Feminism and Gay Rignts.

Religion, especially the Christian religion, has condemned woman to the life of an inferior, a slave. It has thwarted her nature and fettered her soul, yet the Christian religion has no greater supporter, none more devout, than woman. Indeed, it is safe to say that religion would have long ceased to be a factor in the lives of the people, if it were not for the support it receives from woman. The most ardent churchworkers, the most tireless missionaries the world over, are women, always sacrificing on the altar of the gods that have chained her spirit and enslaved her body.

Emma Goldman,

Woman Suffrage


Violence Against Women

Same Sex Marriage




Gun Registry

Real Crime

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